We usually receive our vinyl chair mats in a rolled up condition due to which they take on a memory which means then when you roll out the mat you will find it difficult to keep it flat and may even crack if any creases had formed due to rolling. This often happens in cold weathers. If you receive chair floor mats in cold weather ensure that the temperature of the mat becomes better or it becomes a little warmer before unrolling and the first time place it with the bow up and place some weight on it; the shape will become alright after a few hours. Since vinyl is more flexible with heat the higher the temperature the easier it is to handle your vinyl chair mats.

If not placing your chair mats for carpet for use with a chair but at another location then ensure that it does not come in the way of people as anybody can easily trip. You can also ruin you mat this way since dirt from people’s shoes and continuous walking on it will damage it fast. No manufacturer warranties against slippage if used inappropriately. However you can choose an alternative material if there is frequent slippage. Accidents can also be prevented if spills are cleaned immediately and not allowed to dry or become slippery. You should never use floor mats in areas that are often wet say bathrooms. This can prove very dangerous.





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